Voyager Drive

STS Delta Aerospace LLC. Voyager Drive 11 Jan. 2021

Specifications and Description

The motor drive system consist of a proprietary PWM digital circuit that is effectively powered by 9 VDC to 24 VDC.

The Azimuth and Elevation motors are very high quality high torque geared motors. The proprietary motor mounts and hardware are all precision milled aerospace grade aluminum construction, the motor mounts will allow for the future addition of encoders. The stock slow motion hand control can still be used with this drive system.

Easy installation and operation, no tools are required. Two hex wrenches are included with the kit.

Completely made in the U.S.A.

Hand Controller weight: 233 Grams, 7.9 OZ.

Motor weight Qty. 2 (each) : 172 Grams, 6.1 OZ.

Dual precision potentiometers for precise speed control, < 1.0 RPM to 100 RPM.

Weather proof on/off toggle switch.

Power indicator L.E.D.

Weather proof positive feel motor activation buttons.

Price: $269.00 U.S.D including free shipping to CONUS locations,  There is currently a 4-6 week lead time for delivery….

Attractive quantity pricing is available for vendors and vendor specific labelling/graphics can be added on the hand control unit.

Warranty: Each device has a lifetime warranty as long as that device remains with the original owner. There are no customer serviceable components, each unit has it own serial number and all purchases will be recorded so if in the future upgrades or improvements can be made the customer will be notified.

For ordering information please E-mail

Coming Soon… Dual Axis Motor Drive System for the Vixen Porta Mount line of Alt/Az mounts and first generation Voyager mounts.

Aerospace VoyagerVoyager
Delta Aerospace Voyager Drive System

Development of the STS Delta Aerospace Voyager Drive System 9 Oct. 2020 

I own and frequently use an Explorer Scientific Twilight I mount and I must say that it is a tremendous value for a rugged Alt/Az telescope mount. I had found that they were no commercially available dual axis motor drive systems for this particular mount so I took it upon myself to design and build a simple and robust motor drive system for this mount.

First and foremost I wanted to build a high quality product using Mil. Spec. and Industrial grade components sourced from vendors located in the United States. I also wanted it to be simple to install and simple to operate even while wearing heavy winter gloves.

I must mention that I recommend for the user of the Astro-Tech/Explorer Scientific Voyager Alt/Az mount and this motor drive system to disassemble the mount head and re-lubricate and reassemble. This will greatly improve the performance of the motor drive system. We have several of these mounts and none of them arrived properly lubricated or tuned.

The design also allows for the best of both worlds, the motor drives can be installed in amanner that will allow for both the use of the stock manual slow motion controls and the motordrives.